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COP 22, the COP of action

By getting all Parties of the United nations to abide by a new multilateral climate regime, the Paris Agreement has ushered in a new, era in international climate governance. By encouraging signatories to adopt ambitious climate pledges, the Paris Agreement is able to; guide countries towards low-carbon and climate resilient development pathways and channel financial flows towards investments, that will enable a carbon-neutral economy by the end of the century.

The Agreement has sent a strong signal to international actors at every level of the political strata. This was evident from the surprising speed at which Parties began to ratify the treaty. Who could have imagined on December 12th 2015, that the Paris Agreement would enter into force before the commencement of COP 22?

To maintain this momentum, the Paris Agreement provides a framework for global climate action that can incite state and non-state actors to begin realising their targets well before 2020. The COP22 in Marrakech will be a key stepping stone to continue the momentum set in Paris 2015. It will bring together climate decision makers to:

  • Elaborate and refine actions plans to support developing countries in the transition to a global zero-carbon economy through capacity building, mobilization of international financial flows, technology transfer;
  • Develop the transparency framework which will register climate actions and inform on progress towards achieving targets;
  • Further state and non-state actions which are in line with the COP22 Action Agenda, especially commitments from local authorities, financial bodies, and carbon pricing initiatives.
  • Highlight agricultural initiatives such as the “Triple A – Adaptation of African Agriculture”, which can help realise the global goal of neutralising greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades.

I4CE supports and feeds international climate policy debate and action through research, policy analysis, knowledge-sharing, capacity building events and awareness-building. In keeping with this vision, I4CE will be organizing several events at COP22.

I4CE contributes to COP 22

Meet us in Morocco, in Casablanca for the Climate Finance Day and in Marrakech for the COP22 at the side-evends that we organize or where we speak

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Our projects contribute to the Climate Action Agenda, that seeks to reach the Paris Agreement objectives, and thus to COP 22. See here a selection of our most relevant projects to better understand the stakes behind COP22
Our publications feed the dialogue for decision-makers to help achieving the Paris Agreement goals and act at COP22. Find here a selection of our most relevant work to better understand the stakes behind COP 22.


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