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Entitled “Exploring the EU ETS Beyond 2020: A first assessment of the EU Commission’s proposal for Phase IV of the EU ETS (2021-2030)”, the report, produced jointly by I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics and Enerdata, and in collaboration with IFPen, provides new, factual, independent and quantified analysis on EU ETS operationality by 2030, to examine the necessary conditions to improve its environmental and economic effectiveness.

Launched in September 2014, the research program on the COordination of EU Policies on Energy and CO2 (COPEC) with the EU ETS by 2030, aims to prepare economic policymakers for the debate on the revision of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in the framework of the 2030 Climate and Energy Package.

Over five chapters, the COPEC report analyses five major challenges to the successful implementation of Phase IV of the EU ETS:

    • Defining a CO2 reduction target in line with energy policies such as Renewables and Energy Efficiency,
    • Implementing the Market Stability Reserve,
    • Addressing carbon leakage risk through free allocation,
    • Extending the EU ETS scope to include emissions from the road transport sector,
    • Financing the low-carbon transition through various funding mechanisms based on auction revenues.

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Full Report

About the COPEC research program

Our events dedicated to the COPEC report

November 2015 – Conference in Washington, US

December 2015 – Side-event, COP 21


Emilie ALBEROLA, Phd

Program Director- Industry, Energy and Climate

Emilie Alberola is a Program Director at I4CE, where she oversees research on carbon pricing policies in the sectors of industry and energy. For 10 years, Emily has developed expertise on the formation of carbon prices which are established by emissions trading schemes or carbon taxes, in Europe and in the rest of the world. Emilie coordinates and participates in several research projects (COPEC, CARISMA, case studies “Emissions Trading Schemes”, etc …) in collaboration with numerous research centers, think tanks, public institutions and public and private decision makers.
Since 2015, Emily is a member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development (ECSD). Author of numerous publications in general and academic papers, she teach Climate Change Economics for a Master in “Energy-Finance-Carbon” from the Paris-Dauphine University and a certificate for “Energy-Finance” from HEC Paris and other training for postgraduate courses for universities in France.
Emilie is a doctor of economic sciences at the University Paris I Sorbonne and graduated from the Specialized Master in “Management for Sustainable Development” of HEC.


Research Associate - Industry, Energy and Climate

Lara Dahan works in the Carbon Markets team exploring international efforts that focus on carbon emission reductions. She has contributed to several studies on the various international emission trading schemes and carbon pricing mechanisms. She is also involved with coordinating and developing press releases, website content and presentations to communicate recent and relevant information to our stakeholders. Previously Lara studied Environmental Law and Sustainable Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and has had previous experience working in the alternative energy field.

Matthieu JALARD

Poject Manager - Industry, Energy and Climate

Matthieu’s research focuses on energy and carbon markets, as well as the coordination of European energy and climate policies. He participates in the research program COPEC, and the publication of the monthly Trend Carbon newsletter. Before joining APREC, Matthieu worked at the French Development Agency in Dakar as a project manager, he worked as well at GDF Suez. Engineer of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, Matthieu also holds a Master of Industrial Economics of the University Paris Dauphine.

    Marion AFRIAT

    Project Manager - Industry, Energy and Climate

    Marion’s research focuses on the development of carbon pricing in the world (system of exchange of emission allowances, carbon taxes, emissions standards …). Marion is editor in chief of ClimasCOPe, a publication on the issues of COP 21.

    She also follows the progress on carbon and energy efficiency policies in Europe and others major countries in the world.
    Her previous experiences were conducted in the public sector (AFII renamed Business France) in San Francisco and in an international organization (OECD). She holds a Master of International Relations co-led by the University of Paris II Assas and Paris IV Sorbonne University.

    Manasvini VAIDYULA

    Research Associate - Industry, Energy and Climate

    Manasvini’s research work lies in the field of carbon markets and climate policy. Her primary research, conducted within the COPEC research program, examines how the billions in EU ETS auction revenues are currently being spent by member states and is identifying the best potential use of these revenues. She is also a regular contributor for the ClimasCOPe publications.

    Manasvini has graduated from HEC Paris with a Masters in Sustainable Development and from the University of Toronto with an Industrial Engineering degree and a minor in Environmental Engineering.