Christa CLAPP

Jaclyn BOLT

    Karianne DE BRUIN

      Quentin PERRIER, PhD

      Quentin is currently working on “Green Budgets”, which is the assessment of government revenues and expenditures from an ecological point of view.  The objec (...)

      Maxime LEDEZ

      Maxime joined the I4CE team in 2018 to work on the update and development of the Climate Finance Overview. This study makes it possible to identify climate investments ma (...)

      Gabriella CEVALLOS

      Gabriella Cevallos is a research fellow at I4CE. She has contributed to the organization of the carbon club forest wood and works more broadly on the contribution of the (...)

      Aurore COLIN

      Aurore Colin works as Research Fellow at I4CE, her currently research area focuses on the use of climate-related scenarios. Her expertise also includes leading the energy (...)

      Valentin BELLASSEN

          Cyril BRULEZ