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Environmental taxation is a hot topic in France right now, at a moment where increasing fuel prices have put the carbon tax and other green fiscal instruments under the spotlight. I4CE is contributing to the discussion on how to strengthen support for environmental taxes:

  • By quantifying the revenues generated by carbon pricing schemes in France and throughout the world;
  • By detailing the different options for spending carbon revenues.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for revenue use, it appears crucial (1) to be transparent on how carbon revenues are spent, (2) to set up accountability mechanisms for citizens, and (3) to open up discussion spaces on how carbon revenues are spent: these conditions are paramount to boost acceptability for environmental taxes.


Our publications and events on environmental taxation


  • Incoming report produced in collaboration with the World Bank and the Agence Française de Développement. This report will review the increasing number of questions about the use of carbon revenues, and will provide public decision makers with the means to evaluate and design ways of using revenues generated by carbon pricing schemes.


Lucile Rogissart

Chargée de recherche - Territoires et climat

Lucile is working on issues related to the reduction of carbon emissions from agricultural and forestry sectors. She contributes to developing the VOCAL project, a label for emission reductions in the aforementioned sectors.

Lucile graduated from Sciences Po Paris with an MSc in Economics, and specialized in environmental economics. She previously worked on topics linked to biodiversity at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in Brussels, and on the interactions between climate and nutrition at the French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA).


Research Fellow - Industry, Energy and Climate

Clément Métivier has been part of the I4CE team since September 2017, where he works as a research fellow within the “Industry, Energy and Climate” program. With I4CE, he is involved in the establishment and development of projects addressing the issues of climate governance and public policies.

A graduate from Sciences Po Paris, where he completed a Master degree in International Affairs and Environmental Policy, Clément has also studied at the University of California, Los Angeles. After working on the preparation of COP21 for the French embassy in the US, Clément was part of the French COP21 task force in charge of international climate negotiations in 2016.

Clément has been an active member of the youth-led international NGO CliMates, where he has contributed to several projects related to international climate talks, especially in 2015, when he was leading the COP in MyCity campaign.

Sébastien POSTIC, Phd

Project Manager – Industry, Energy and Climate

Sébastien is a Project Manager at I4CE, where his research areas  mainly focus on taxation and public spending, both in terms of climate efficiency and contribution to the fight against poverty. He joined I4CE after a Franco-Chilean doctoral thesis dedicated to the development of a regional energy planning tool for South America. He also worked on the evolution of the South American energy mix in response to the commitments of the Paris Agreement (NDCs), competition between energy and forestry sectors for mitigation in South America, and on the medium-long-term prospects of Smart Grids and Smart Buildings in Europe as part of the European Climate and Energy package.

Sébastien is a graduate engineer from France’s École Polytechnique and holds an Advanced Master’s from MINES ParisTech, and a double doctorate from MINES ParisTech / University of Chile.