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I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics, in partnership with France Stratégie, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) organized a full-day practitioners’ workshop on the future of the green bond market on June 15, 2017 in Paris.dsc_0091

This event gathered around 60 experts of the green bonds market coming from the private sector, public institutions, academia and NGOs. It aimed at fostering a discussion on the future of the green bond market.

Discussions focused on 4 main topics:

  • external reviews,
  • impact reporting,
  • securitization,
  • the role of the public sector in the green bonds market.

These high-level discussions allowed participants to share expertise and debate on concrete recommendations.

Content of the discussions will feed into I4CE’s on-going study on green bonds funded by the Climate Works Foundation. The overarching objective of the study is to help policymakers and market actors put in place measures to increase the contribution of the greenbond market to the low-carbon transition while ensuring its environmental integrity. The final report of I4CE’s study on the future of green bonds will be published by
October 2017.

A summary of discussions is available at the link below.

For any information, please contact Igor.Shishlov@i4ce.org and Morgane.Nicol@i4ce.org.

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