CDC Climat Research becomes I4CE - Institute for Climate Economics - I4CE
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I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics : a project, a vision, an approach

In july 2015, Caisse des Dépôts and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) create I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics.

I4CE aims to bring together, within a service of general interest, the skills required to provide independent advice on economic questions relating to energy and climate policies.
It aims to contribute to the creation of conditions which can promote energy transition. Through both its applied and academic research, I4CE offers assistance to public and private sector decision makers, helping them to better understand, anticipate and use economic and financial instruments to encourage the development of a low carbon economy adapted to climate change. Incorporating the CDC Climat Recherche team, I4CE consists of some twenty researchers working on three areas of interest to those involved in energy transition:

Industry, Energy and Climate
The team’s previous work programme was established in 2005 and focused on carbon price rates and, in particular, the energy and industry sectors. For the 2015-2016 period, the flagship project focuses on the coordination of energy and climate policies (COPEC 2030). Supported by the public sector and the main French energy suppliers, the project aims to assess the 2020 energy and climate package in order to clarify the 2030 energy-climate package negotiations, involving measures which will constitute the EU’s ‘contribution’ to COP 21.
The team also monitors carbon regulations and energy efficiency in some 40 countries, information which feeds back into occasional research on carbon pricing policies in specific countries.

Territories and Climate
This second programme focuses on climate policies and action on the regional level. The four working themes are agriculture, forestry, cities and adaptation to climate change. In addition to the three research ‘clubs’ working on agriculture, forestry and cities, which the team leads with key partners, several other research projects are underway. One of the main projects, known as Abstract-Colurba, examines the barriers to regional authorities’ adaptation strategies.

Finance and climate
Initiated in 2012, this research aims to facilitate the integration of climate into financial decision making. This series of projects also analyses the interaction between public policy (regulations, subsidies, support mechanisms, investment programmes) and private investment in energy transition.
Recent and ongoing work includes: Landscape, a panorama of financial flows for energy transition, conducted to date in France; an analysis of the contribution of finance to energy transition by the five European public finance institutions; and an analysis of the climate practices of international sponsors.

How we work

Providing research and expertise

I4CE conducts research and consultation projects on the French, European and international levels, with academic partners and think tanks and the financial support of private companies, public authorities and institutions. I4CE researchers publish around thirty publications per year including research reports, articles in peer-reviewed journals and expert reports.
The team also promotes its expertise by conducting expert advisory missions, which aim to stimulate public decision making or to be widely disseminated.

Building capacity

The dissemination of information also includes the publication of information for non-specialists such as notes and booklets. I4CE experts also conduct research-action projects. Finally, they organise training for public and private sector decision makers.

Contributing to public debates

I4CE organises events to encourage interaction between the academic world and public and private sector decision makers. I4CE responds to public consultations issued by French, European and supranational institutions. I4CE experts participate in expert working groups on the French, European and international levels.

Incorporating the CDC Climat Recherche team, which has been supported by the Caisse des Dépôts for the past ten years and which has now been joined by the Agence Française de Développement, I4CE is strengthening France’s role in economic research applied to climate change and increasing its international influence.