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Permanent contract (CDI)

Context of the Role:


The Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) is a Paris-based think tank with expertise in economics and finance with the mission to support action against climate change.

Through its applied research, the Institute contributes to the debate on climate-related policies. It also publishes research to support financial institutions, businesses and territories in the fight against climate change and that assists with the incorporation of climate issues into their activities and operations.

I4CE is a registered non-profit organisation, founded by the French National Promotional Bank Caisse des Dépôts and the French Development Agency.

I4CE houses the Secretariat of the Initiative ‘Climate Action in Financial Institutions’.

In 2016, given its expertise on the subject of mainstreaming climate in the operations of financial institutions, I4CE was appointed Secretariat of the Climate Action in Financial Institutions initiative or “Mainstreaming Initiative”.

In line with international commitments to address the urgency of climate change, the Climate Action in Financial Institutions initiative assists public and private financial institutions to:

  • better address and manage climate-related risks and opportunities,
  • ensure that climate considerations are disseminated within their organizations,
  • align financial flows with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Today, the Initiative brings together over 50 of the leading public and private financial institutions who are working to integrate climate change considerations across their operations.

Following a year-long strategic review and visioning process, the Secretariat of the Initiative seeks to recruit an additional person to contribute to the development and implementation of the Initiative’s ambitious program of work.

Role and Responsibilities:

The Project Manager will contribute to the development and implementation of the facilitation of the Mainstreaming Initiative work program as well as to I4CE’s research activities on related topics.

  1. Participate in the facilitation of the Secretariat of the Climate Action in Financial Institutions initiative:

The Project Manager will work under the direction of the Director of the Secretariat and in coordination with the current project leader. They will contribute to the implementation of the work program of the Initiative across the principal areas of work, including but not limited to:

  • Organization and facilitation of technical exchanges between financial institutions: drafting of discussion notes, organization of webinars, workshops and public events, monitoring of priority topics, case studies.
  • Community facilitation and matchmaking between financial institutions: responding to members’ requests, annual interviews, facilitation of focus groups.
  • Implementation of the communication strategy, content production and tools.
  • Support to the Director of the Secretariat in the development and implementation of the Initiative’s strategy in support of the Initiative’s Coordination Group (main decision-making body).
  • Contribution to the management of daily strategic and administrative financial and partnership tasks to ensure the smooth running of the Initiative.
  1. Production of original research and contribution to public debates

The Project Manager will be integrated into the I4CE Financial Institutions research program, particularly on the broad range of topics related to the integration of climate considerations into the investment decisions of public and private financial institutions.

In collaboration with other members of the team, the Project Manager will be involved in the development, production, management and valorization of research projects on topics related to the integration of climate by financial institutions such as: climate risk management, alignment with the Paris Agreement, and the impact of financial institutions’ actions on the transformation of real economy.

Specific tasks may include:

  • Contribution to the development of I4CE’s research program: identifying the main issues to be examined, analyzing the inherent political agenda and possible actions to be taken to position I4CE on this theme, participating in the search for partners and sponsors, hosting interns, participating in the communication effort (social networks, websites, press relations), contributing to the animation of the I4CE network (attending working groups, external events…);
  • Supporting the information and analytical needs of team members and partners;
  • Production of original research: literature review, conducting interviews, case studies, organizing expert workshops, writing, integrating reviewers’ comments, layout, valorization.

Experience and Competencies:

The position is aimed at an individual with a minimum of 5 or more years of prior research and/or project management experience and an MSc or PhD level of education.

This position requires a strong knowledge of climate issues for the financial sector. Experience in a research center or a financial institution working on climate-related considerations (climate risk management, SRI, Green bonds, etc.) is desired.

The candidate should be able to integrate into an international team and be available for occasional travel abroad for conferences, meetings and events.

Perfect command of spoken and written English is essential, knowledge of French and/or another language such as Spanish is valued.

The precise skills and motivations expected are as follows:

  1. High motivation to work with financial actors for the implementation of the low carbon and resilient transition.
  2. Excellent project management and networking skills:
    1. Developing of funding requests and partnerships proposals with international organizations and donors.
    2. A good ability to work in a team while being proactive and autonomous on assigned tasks.
    3. An ability to develop implement and adapt a work program according to the international agenda.
    4. An appetite and ability to organize technical and high-level events in person and remotely.
    5. Fluency in to run meetings and conducting interviews in English with high-level experts.
  3. Good analytical and writing skills.
    1. An ease and rigor in manipulating data from a variety of sources.
    2. An ability to conceptualize and take a step back from the materials collected.
    3. Good autonomy and an inquisitive mind to get to the bottom of issues.

The job offer is open to people with disabilities.

Additional Information:

From April I4CE will be located in Paris in the 6th  district.  Candidates with exceptional profiles not based in Paris may be considered.

START DATE: If possible by July 1, 2021 – flexible for the right candidate.

REMUNERATION: I4CE offers a competitive pay and benefits package in line with paygrades in the NGO and think tank community. Salary will be commensurate with level of experience and based on I4CE’s pay grades.

CONTACT: Send CV and cover letter to Ian Cochran and Alice Pauthier 

A first round of review of applications will occur shortly after April 18, 2021 for interviews late April / early May. Applications will be accepted until the right candidate is found.

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