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Our mission

The Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) is a Paris-based think tank with expertise in economics and finance with the mission to support action against climate change. Through its applied research, the Institute contributes to the debate on climate-related policies. It also publishes research to support financial institutions, businesses and territories in the fight against climate change and that assists with the incorporation of climate issues into their activities and operations.

I4CE is a registered non-profit organisation, founded by the French National Promotional Bank Caisse des Dépôts and the French Development Agency.


Code of ethics

Our code of ethics serves as a guide to professional conduct for all I4CE employees. Each employee undertakes to respect, promote and ensure compliance with the principles set out below.

Apply a scientific method

I4CE experts draw their conclusions from the application of scientific methods, recognized by peers and adapted to the fields they study;
I4CE experts identify and protect themselves against biases arising from the occurrence of private interests and their personal political or religious beliefs;
When their work deals with topics related to political choices or orientations, I4CE experts adopt a non-partisan approach and express their conclusions with neutrality while maintaining a critical distance;

Make our work and results public

Within the framework of work carried out in partnership, I4CE is free to draw up a work programme and to conduct the work. The results of research conducted at I4CE are made public and disseminated once finalized;
The methods, sources and assumptions used to develop the results are transparent. Limitations and uncertainties related to assumptions or data quality are highlighted in the work;
The clients of I4CE’s works may neither question the public nature of these works nor exercise a right of censorship over their content.

Preventing conflicts of interest

Upon arrival, each employee signs a Declaration of Interest Charter, in which he or she undertakes to complete a Declaration of Interest each year. The employee undertakes to report any situation in which professional judgment may be unduly influenced by personal interest of any kind.