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I4CE provides expertise on international negotiations, carbon pricing and European climate policies.

I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics contributes to the 19th edition of the World Energy Markets Observatory, an annual publication by Capgemini that monitors the main indicators of energy markets in Europe, North America, Australia and South-east Asia and identifies the developments and transformations in these sectors.

I4CE  provides a special expertise on climate challenges :

  • The climate action ushered in by the Paris Agreement with the mobilization of governments and private decision makers.
  • Progress on the implementation of carbon pricing policies
  • An assessment of European climate policy and its perspectives for 2030


The key conclusions of the report are :

  • Climate change threats are triggering energy transition in many countries and regions.
  • Massive development in renewable energies has profoundly changed the energy landscape.
  • In many regions, energy transition is chaotic, with energy oversupply and very low electricity and gas prices that are endangering utilities’ financial situation.
  • The digital revolution is around the corner. This will drastically change consumption schemes, citizen habits, the workplace, and allows significant improvements for utilities.

Disclaimer : I4CE is responsible for the conclusions and recommendations produced only in its contribution.

Download the full report here


Charlotte VAILLES

Project Manager - Industry, Energy and Climate

Within I4CE, Charlotte works mainly on issues linked to the energy transition and the decarbonisation of industry.

Her recent research has focused on EU climate and energy policies (included the EU ETS), as well as on the anticipation by companies of risks and opportunities linked to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Prior to joining I4CE, Charlotte worked at the International Energy Agency (IEA),  first on the design of low-carbon power markets, and then in the World Energy Outlook team, notably on power and renewables.

She graduated from the engineering school Mines Paristech.

    Emilie ALBEROLA, Phd

    Program Director- Industry, Energy and Climate

    Emilie Alberola is a Program Director at I4CE, where she oversees research on carbon pricing policies in the sectors of industry and energy. For 10 years, Emily has developed expertise on the formation of carbon prices which are established by emissions trading schemes or carbon taxes, in Europe and in the rest of the world. Emilie coordinates and participates in several research projects (COPEC, CARISMA, case studies “Emissions Trading Schemes”, etc …) in collaboration with numerous research centers, think tanks, public institutions and public and private decision makers.
    Since 2015, Emily is a member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development (ECSD). Author of numerous publications in general and academic papers, she teach Climate Change Economics for a Master in “Energy-Finance-Carbon” from the Paris-Dauphine University and a certificate for “Energy-Finance” from HEC Paris and other training for postgraduate courses for universities in France.
    Emilie is a doctor of economic sciences at the University Paris I Sorbonne and graduated from the Specialized Master in “Management for Sustainable Development” of HEC.