Since 2019, I4CE has been committed to achieving carbon neutrality, out of a concern to set an example, out of conviction, and to confront us with the concrete problems of the transition. An internal working group has been set up to define an action plan to reduce our emissions, to carry out an annual carbon assessment of the Institute and thus to evaluate our progress and propose new actions. 


The digital carbon footprint is part of our reduction actions and in particular that of our website. Unfortunately, there is no quality label (yet), but we have done our utmost to reduce the footprint of our site. With the support of the webdesigner NewRound, the Institute has worked on its eco-design. Each page of the site must be less than 1 gCO2e. To achieve this, we have implemented a number of good practices such as reducing the number of images or reducing their weight, working on a lighter web coding development of the site, not always opening large documents by default…  As a result, the footprint of the homepage has been divided by 4. So don’t hesitate to visit it.