I4CE offers subscribers some reflection clubs that meet regularly to discuss issues related to climate and the environment. They are led by members of the Institute . For information on how to apply, please send a message to  Malika Boumaza or via our website contact form.







Today, carbon has a real value thanks to the emergence of various national and international markets set up following the Kyoto Protocol. However, the forestry and wood sector is only slightly affected by these incentives, mainly through the use of wood energy. The objective of the Carbon Forest and Wood Club is to share knowledge on the technical and economic means to develop and enhance the role of the forestry and wood sector in the fight against climate change. It aims in particular to enable companies and local authorities to access the carbon markets through the French forestry and wood sector. This club is led by Julia GRIMAULT, Project Manager – Agriculture and Forestry at I4CE.







The agricultural sector is certainly a source of GHG emissions, but it also has a strong mitigation potential that is still under-exploited. It is also one of the sectors most impacted by climate change and must therefore implement a number of changes to adapt to it.
This club is presented by Claudine FOUCHEROT, Program Director Agriculture and Forestry at I4CE.



INITIATIVE “Mainstreaming Climate in Financial Institutions”



The “Mainstreaming Climate in Financial Institutions” Initiative supports public and private financial institutions to better reflect and manage climate-related risks and opportunities, ensure that climate considerations are disseminated within and across their organizations and align financial flows with the goals of the Paris Agreement. This community of peers provides exposure to best practice and direct access to professionals from across the financial community through a program of climate-finance related activities and events – enabling professionals to save time, be more efficient and support the development of common approaches. I4CE is the secretariat of the Initiative.