Implementing green budget tagging: Feedbacks on benefits and issues

1 January 1970


12th of November at 4pm (Glasgow time- 5pm Paris Time)

Budget items which have an impact on climate can add up to more than 30% of a national budget. Building on international efforts such as the Paris Collaborative on Green Budgeting or the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action, there is currently a strong momentum around budget tagging exercises, both in developing and developed countries: more than 20 countries have implemented various climate budget tagging systems. The European Commission is currently training 18 of its Member States on Green Budget tagging practices. In South America, Costa Rica,Mexico and Peru are among the countries that work actively towards developing their own tagging system.

This event will focus on concrete feedback on the process of implementing a green budget tagging system, for the benefit of countries that would consider setting up their own tagging. It will gather the perspectives of three countries with very different national circumstances (Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru), along with the more diversified yet less “first-hand” experience of international institutions such as the IADB or the AFD who support budget tagging implementation in various contexts.  

Envisioned format for the event

1h, Hybrid participation

  • Introductory speech and presentation of the expected benefits of climate budgeting tools : I4CE (10’)
  • Presentation of the support provided by IADB (10’)
  • Presentation of the support provided by AFD (10’)
  • Panel discussion on the countries experiences of Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru (30’)

Moderation: I4CE

These include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Ireland and France.

12 Nov 2021

Implementing green budget tagging: Feedbacks on benefits and issues

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