I4CE launches the results of its 2016 Edition of the Landscape of Climate Finance in France at the National Assembly

- By : Hadrien HAINAUT / Ian COCHRAN, Phd

I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics is organizing at the National Assembly a conference to launch the results of its study mapping climate finance in France

Sponsored by Representative Jean-Paul Chanteguet, Chairman of the Commission on Sustainable Development and Regional Development, this event provides a unique opportunity to take stock of public and private investment in the low-carbon economy.

I4CE’s 2016 edition of the “Landscape of Climate Finance in France” identifies the capital investments that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in France

These expenditures are in turn analyzed in order to know which actors have committed these projects and how they are financed. The study aims to inform policy discussions through a better understanding of the how the fight against climate change and energy transition is currently financed in practice.

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