Webinar | Civil society mobilisation on green budgeting

21 April 2022 - Webinars - By : Marion FETET / Sébastien POSTIC, Phd


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This online event will discuss the role of civil society organizations – CSOs in implementing green budgeting tools in the European context.  


Green budgeting helps to assess the consistency of public spending with country’s environmental and climate targets, it improves the transparency of government action for parliamentarians, civil society and citizens.


Specifically, in this event, 4 organizations (Umanotera – Slovenia, CAN-France, IDEA Foundation – Luxembourg and I4CE – France) will share their best practices, and national challenges in supporting the move towards a greener national budget.  


This discussion will support the progress of green budgeting practices in Europe by promoting a shared understanding by national CSOs throughout Europe, so that individual institutions can launch or contribute to debates on the greening of public finance in their respective countries. 


If the topic gathers enough interest from EU CSOs, an online platform could be created that could be used by CSOs to assess governments’ practices, gather resources on green budgeting, and exchange best practices.



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This event is supported by the European climate foundation.  


03 May 2022

Webinar | Civil society mobilisation on green budgeting

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Marion FETET
Marion FETET
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Sébastien POSTIC, Phd
Project Manager – Industry, Energy and Climate Email
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