Reconciling climate and development : the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy

15 January 2017

Context :

This research area aims to assess the links between climate and development goals. Key actors in this area are Development Finance Institutions (DFI) – whether multilateral, bilateral and domestic. Over the last decade, a number of DFIs have taken steps to mainstream climate change consideration into their operations and targets to facilitate a transition towards low carbon and climate resilient economic models.


To date our work in this area focuses on the standards, tools and metrics to support transition to a LCCR development model applied by DFIs. It has established a framework for integrating standards and tools into the upstream strategic and downstream assessment stages of investment decision making. Our work has also identified the seemingly necessary evolutions of intervention methods (financial instruments and capacity building in local financial institutions and state actors). A first case study has been conducted on the mainstreaming of the climate-related issues in the operations of Agence Française de Développement.


In 2015, I4CE was named as the Secretariat of the Climate Action in Financial Institutions Initiative, bringing together 30 public and private financial institutions from around the world to share emerging practice on mainstreaming climate change across their activities.



Agence Française de Développement


Période : 

Since 2014



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