Secretariat of the Mainstreaming Climate in Financial Institutions Initiative

28 October 2021

Page updated on August 17, 2023



The Mainstreaming Climate in Financial Institutions is an initiative composed of more than 50 public and private Financial institutions around the globe that have endorsed the 5 Principles for Climate Mainstreaming.


Launched in 2015, the initiative aims to provide public and private financial institutions an opportunity to learn from each other, to disseminate good practice and lessons learned and to collaborate on areas of common interest.


Based on its expertise and publication on the different topic prioritized by the initiative, I4CE has been named as the Secretariat of the Mainstreaming Climate in Financial Institutions Initiative.  As such, I4CE contributes to the work of the initiative on the following issues:


  • Provides substantive inputs to the initiative’s work program and technical elements to define Work-stream roadmaps.
  • Produces some of the deliverables of the initiative on an ad-hoc basis
  • Assists the initiative’s coordination group in facilitating collaboration between members
  • Supports the initiative’s communication efforts (Website management, newsletters, etc…)


Please contact the Secretariat if you or your institution is interested in learning more about or joining the initiative :


Link to the Initiative’s website :


Please find 2021-2022 Annual Report