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  • 06/23/2021
    Climate: a look back at 10 years of French government spending

      Of course, public money will not do everything; but without public money, it seems difficult today to conceive of a transition that is acceptable to all and sufficiently ambitious. With the French presidential campaign about to begin, the budget that the goverment allocates to the transition will certainly be the subject of intense debate. […]

  • 05/29/2011
    Will there still be a market price for CERs and ERUs in two years time?

    Medium-term (i.e. pre-2015) demand for credits from the EU ETS and secondary sources of demand appears to be limited to 1.6 billion tCO2e. The supply of Kyoto credits is relatively predictable, and will cover demand between now and 2013-2014 according to our base-case scenario. Our view is that the demand-supply equilibrium will lead to a […]

  • 09/13/2017
    EU ETS – Last call before the doors close on the negotiations for the post-2020 reform

    I4CE, Enerdata and IFPEN published a policy brief on the reform of the EU ETS for the post-2020 period. Indeed, a window of opportunity to reform the EU ETS is currently open but is closing soon: the EU ETS directive is currently being revised for its Phase IV (2021-2030), and trilogue negotiations between EU institutions, […]

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