Framework for reading transition scenarios – Eight steps to interpret transition scenarios

7 November 2019
Framework for reading transition scenarios – Eight steps to interpret transition scenarios pdf
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  • 12/01/2015
    Exploring the EU ETS beyond 2020: A first assessment of the EU Commission’s proposal for Phase IV of the EU ETS (2021-2030)

    The report, produced jointly by I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics and Enerdata, and in collaboration with IFPen, provides new, factual, independent and quantified analysis on EU ETS operationality by 2030, to examine the necessary conditions to improve its environmental and economic effectiveness. Launched in September 2014, the research program on the COordination of EU […]

  • 03/02/2018
    Environmental integrity of green bonds: stakes, status and next steps

    This report presents key findings of the second work package of I4CE’s work program on green bonds, exploring the challenges and opportunities to ensure the environmental integrity the green bond market. It explores the understanding of stakes and challenges related to the environmental integrity of green bonds and suggests potential next steps for both private […]

  • 02/04/2021 Blog post
    Indeed, banks are able to manage physical climate risks

    Some of the heat waves and wildfires that were experienced in Europe and in the world in the summer of 2019 are symptoms of a climate that is already changing. These events may cause losses for banks and other financial institutions, which will therefore have to integrate climate change into their decisions. Regulators are also pushing in this direction.

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