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Research Analyst – Forest & wood industries, Wood uses

Océane joined the I4CE Agriculture-Forestry programme in 2021 as a research fellow. Her work focuses on the role of the forestry and wood sector in climate change mitigation, and more precisely on the challenges related to the uses of wood.


She completed a Master’s degree in Environment economics at the Universities Paris Nanterre and Saclay (AgroParisTech), as well as a double bachelor’s degree in economics and law.

Last contributions
  • 28/06/2022 Climate Report

    Changing wood use to improve carbon storage: which products should be the short-term focus?

    In addition to debates about the right level of wood harvesting, another issue is equally crucial from a climate point of view: what is the best way to use the harvested wood? France’s long-term strategy, the Stratégie nationale bas-carbone (SNBC), calls for an increasing proportion of wood to be directed towards long-life wood products such as those used in construction, which store carbon for long periods. The aim is to redirect part of the resources currently dedicated to shorter uses, such as paper and energy production, towards these longer-lasting uses. While the objectives are very ambitious, the strategy does not come with the policies needed to achieve them. I4CE has therefore assessed the technical feasibility of redirection of the wood use, and has identified the most promising production chains of long-wood products.

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