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On March 29th 2016, I4CE hosted a webinar on the key findings from its study Landscape of domestic climate finance in France. It summarized the results and presented the conclusions of this work. An emphasis was made on how the methodology applied in this report could be used for estimating climate finance flows in developed and developing countries.

The Landscape of Climate Finance is a comprehensive review of financial flows in favor of climate and the broader energy transition in France. The study maps the flows supporting investments leading to greenhouse gases mitigation across the French economy between 2011 and 2014. In 2013, up to €36bn of investment contributed to climate mitigation. The latest edition of the Landscape received support from the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the French Ministry of the Environment (MEEM-DGEC).


Download the slides used during the Webinar

Introduction by Mariana Deheza

Presentation of the Landscape of Climate Finance in France, by Hadrien Hainaut

Objectives and methodology

  • Domestic climate finance landscape opening questions
  • Scope & Perimeter of the study: five key transition investment domains
  • Defining the climate share of investment costs
  • Approach : from project investment to capital sources

Results: Climate finance in France in 2013 

  • €36bn of climate investment in 2013
  • €6bn increase in climate investment between 2011 and 2013
  • Improvements since the 2011 edition
  • Financial value chain: from sources to projects
  • Financial instruments: specific to sectors and to project initiators
  • Limited common perimeter with Climate Policy Initiative’s Global landscape


  • Public sector plays a major role in driving climate finance in France
  • Comparing current investments and estimated needs for the energy transition
  • Not financial flows alone: linking with the economic environment

Further development 

  • A tool to support the roll-out of NDCs and national strategies
  • Adapting methods to constraints
  • I4CE work program for 2016 and beyond

Questions and discussion with webinar attendees


  • Hadrien Hainaut, project manager, Landscape of climate finance in France, I4CE
  • Ian Cochran, PhD, head of Finance, investment and climate research program, I4CE

Find out more about the Landscape, visit the page dedicated to the project


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