Climate Action in Financial Institutions: Mainstreaming the Paris Agreement in the Financial Sector

- By : Benoît LEGUET / Ian COCHRAN, Phd / Alice PAUTHIER
Date: November 9th


Time: 15:00-16:30
Location: “Bonn zone” room 7
UNFCCC Official Program
Event part of the Business and Industries (Bingo) Day
Organisers: I4CE, EIB, CAF

Event Summary

The Climate Action in Financial Institutions Initiative has high potential to aid the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In 2015, it set up 5 voluntary Principles for mainstreaming climate action in financial institutions. During this session, representatives from member institutions will present how financial institutions are moving forward in the implementation of these 5 Principles both individually and through the Initiative’s 4 Work Streams for 2017-2018.

Through a panel discussion with UNFCCC Party representatives and civil society actors, this session aims to share and discuss the financial institutions vision to make financial flows ‘consistent’ with article 2.1(c) and to identify how the Initiative can make an even greater impact to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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