Landscape of climate finance in France : launch of the 2016 Edition

- By : Hadrien HAINAUT / Ian COCHRAN, Phd

December 7th, 5:30PM
At Assemblée Nationale, 126 Rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris
Salle Colbert

Taking stock of climate investment and financial flows in France, appraise and compare the role of public and private stakeholders, assess how current and future instruments can secure climate objectives and the low-carbon national strategy.

I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics will present the Landscape of Climate Finance, the annual results of a study tracking investment in favor of climate action in France and analyzing the way this investment was financed. The 2016 edition extends and further analyzes the results of previous works and updates results covering years 2011 to 2015.

The conference is sponsored by French MP Jean-Paul Chanteguet. It coincides with the provisions set in the French Energy Transition law, in particular article 174 that mandates regular information of the Parliament on progress and challenges in financing the national energy transition and climate action.

Please note that the conference will be held in French. An executive summary of the results will be published in English. The event will include a presentation of the results followed by an expert roundtable. A detailed agenda will be shared with participants as soon as possible.

To attend this conference, or receive the related documents by email, please register for free at this address (in French).