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International support for Landscapes of domestic climate finance

22 April 2018

I4CE supports partner institutions in tracking domestic climate finance

I4CE aims to disseminate the Landscape’s lessons and practices and to support partner institutions in conducting similar exercises in the service of public debate and investment plans.


  • At the European level, I4CE works with the European Environment Agency and other actors to advance Europe-wide discussions on improving the tracking and analysis of domestic financial flows dedicated to climate action in Europe. As part of the EUKI-supported project “Landscape of climate finance: Mainstreaming climate finance in the CEE region”, I4CE, NewClimate Institute and Wise Europa have been working together for the last three years. The three organisations engage with stakeholders in Central and Easter Europe and document investment and funding efforts contributing to the decarbonation of different sectors in Poland. In 2020, two reports were published: the first one on the energy sector, the second one on the building sector.
  • I4CE is currently working with the Caisse des dépots de gestion du Maroc (CDG) to implement an initial domestic climate finance tracking study in Morocco based on the methodological framework developed as part of its Panorama of Climate Finance project. A Landscape of climate finance in Morocco will track climate investments realized in Morocco and their modes of financing, as well as a projection of investment needs in the short and medium term. This analysis will allow Moroccan policymakers to assess the level of progress of the transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy, and the additional needs in terms of investment and financing.
  • In 2016 and 2017, I4CE supported the Colombian Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP) in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD) to improve the tracking of domestic public and private climate finance. This is part of the Colombian Government’s SISCLIMA and Finanzas del Clima platform bringing together different ministries to dialogue on this topic. I4CE principally provided capacity support and expertise on how to structure the tracking of domestic climate finance – including a presentation of I4CE’s work in France in Spanish.


To find out more about I4CE’s research on climate finance in France, consult the page dedicated to the Landscape of domestic climate finance.

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