Use of carbon policy revenues: a lever to promote acceptability in developing countries

30 May 2017

Providing guidelines to help policymakers ask the right questions regarding the utilization of revenues generated by their carbon pricing policies.

We organize our work around three policy questions:

  • To what extent do carbon revenues explain the interest of developing countries in supporting their low-carbon development through carbon pricing schemes?
  • What are the main acceptability issues for carbon pricing policies in developing countries, according to both decision-makers and taxpayers?
  • To what extent can carbon revenues foster pricing policies acceptability and long-term stability in developing countries? How to harness this potential?


We present contextual elements as to the interest of carbon revenues in developing countries, panel interviews with worldwide experts from the academic, government officials and non-government actors, and concrete stakes for discussion for policy-making in a developing context.




World Bank and AFD




2017 – 2018




  • A report for policy makers
  • A summary for policy makers
  • A presentation kit