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Challenges to implementing adaptation on the ground- 5 case-studies in France

25 November 2021 - Climate Report - By : Vivian DEPOUES, PhD

In order to understand what public financial institutions can do, I4CE and Ramboll have analyzed 5 territorial projects, from the Vosges to the Dordogne, which are trying to meet the challenge of adaptation. Beyond their differences, each of the cases studied shows that adaptation requires, above all, dedicating time and resources to change the way projects are designed and carried out.


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This report is made of five case-studies conducted in France in 2020-2021. These cases show different types of territorial approaches and projects that explicitly and actively intend to take adaptation into account. They highlight the challenges faced by those who seek to go beyond statements of purpose and to seriously tackle this issue.


These case studies provide an overview and illustration of contrasting contexts characterized by more or less immediate pressures due to climate changes and more or less resources available to adapt.


Each of the cases studied demonstrates that implementing adaptation actions requires above all to dedicate enough time and budget to understand the issues at stake and to change the way projects and policies are commonly designed and carried out.


Each situation is unique with it own climatic but also political and economic context to consider. The main challenge is to support the development and implementation of adaptive management approaches, which generates specific needs at different levels :


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The 5 case studies


  1. A urban development operation in progress: Pirmil-Les Isles, Nantes Métropole;
  2. Adaptation in the municipal climate policy of the Lille European Metropolis;
  3. A local adaptation strategy for sea level rise: the territory of Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée;
  4. Managing water resources on a watershed scale: the Dordogne river-basin;
  5. A regional roadmap for adapting a mid-mountain area: the Massif des Vosges strategy.


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