Japan’s Bilateral Offset Crediting Mechanism: A Bilateral Solution to a Global Issue?

29 January 2012 - Climate Brief - By : Hanh LE

In order to achieve its long-term emission reduction target following the Fukushima incident, Japan would rely more heavily on international offsetting activities. Concurrent to vigorous proposals to reform the CDM, Japan is also promoting an offset crediting scheme through bilateral agreements with developing countries as a post-2012 market mechanism. Despite potential benefits, issues relating to the accounting rules, environmental integrity and implications to carbon markets warrant further consideration prior to international recognition.

Japan’s Bilateral Offset Crediting Mechanism: A Bilateral Solution to a Global Issue? pdf
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  • 11/24/2022
    Implementing prudential transition plans for banks: what are the expexted impacts?

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    I4CE at COP24 in Katowice, Poland: list of events and publications

    The I4CE team will be present throughout the two weeks of negotiations, in order to present its latest achievements in about ten side-events, whether on carbon pricing, climate investment tracking, climate action by financial actors or carbon certification of innovative practices in the land sector. Please see below the full list of events organized by I4CE – or where I4CE will be participating.

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