The contribution of european forest-related policies to climate change mitigation: energy substitution first

17 April 2013 - Climate Report

By Frederic Baron, Valentin Bellassen and Mariana Deheza

In a framework where no common forestry policy exists at the EU level (such as the Common Agriculture Policy for agriculture), this report lists EU policies that have an impact on climate change mitigation that can be achieved by the forestry sector. With the objective of analyzing the coherence of these policies, we have established a typology and a hierarchy firstly by laying out the legal status and the financial and institutional resources associated with each policy, and secondly by reviewing the objectives of each policy in regards to climate change mitigation in the forestry sector. We finally analyze potentials synergies and conflicts between them.

The contribution of european forest-related policies to climate change mitigation: energy substitution first Download
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  • 11/29/2023 Blog post
    Climate finance: multiplying the numbers will not solve the equation alone

    Much of the discussions at COP28 will focus the 100 billion USD/year target decided at Copenhagen to support climate investments in the Global South, and on the new climate finance goal set to replace it. But, whilst keeping our eyes on the volumes laid on the table, we also need to look more into the impact of every dollar spent. Identifying and building on the value added of every actor in the economy is essential to avoid overlaps and maximise synergies. Three types of actors have a pivotal role to play in the paradigm shift: governments, public financial institutions and private financial institutions.

  • 11/23/2023
    Appendix – Global carbon accounts – data 2023
  • 11/22/2023 Blog post Foreword of the week
    Carbon prices: the winds of change

    After several years of strong growth, the revenue generated by carbon pricing mechanisms (carbon taxes or markets) worldwide, as reported in our 2023 edition of the Global Carbon Accounts, stabilized at nearly USD 100 billion. This stabilization could not be more deceptive.  The future has rarely been so uncertain for carbon prices, caught between very strong opposing trends, and the next two years could mark a major turning point, for good or bad, for the use of these climate policy instruments worldwide. 

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