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26 October 2015 - Pièces jointes
I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics
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  • 03/26/2020 Blog post
    Forest and climate: in search of local action with no regrets

    Many states have set themselves the objective of becoming carbon neutral: their residual emissions will have to be offset by equivalent absorptions by carbon sinks on their territory. Julia Grimault explains the uncertainties surrounding the forest sink and calls for localized and no-regrets actions to act against climate change.

  • 11/30/2015
    Putting a price on carbon – Accelerating the dialogue: a challenge for governments and a request from businesses

    Policy brief for public and private decision makers attending the Business Dialogue meeting during Climate Week in New York – September 2015 I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics has produced a position paper on carbon pricing policies for the Business Dialogue meeting organized by the French Presidency at the Climate Week in New York September […]

  • 07/08/2022 Op-ed
    Op-ed | Payment for carbon farming: we need an ambitious and pragmatic European certification

    The European Commission will propose a `carbon certification’ by the end of the year as a first step towards remunerating farmers and foresters who contribute to carbon farming. This certification project raises debates and concerns. For Adeline FAVREL of I4CE, the EU can respond and develop an ambitious certification by relying on the experience of the Member States in this field.

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