I4CE’s contribution to the Global Climate Action Agenda’s roadmap

9 August 2016 - Pièces jointes

I4CE’s contribution to the Global Climate Action Agenda’s roadmap pdf
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  • 10/21/2014
    Landscape of climate finance in France, 2014 Edition

    Based on a methodology developed by the Climate Policy Initiative and recognized internationally, the Landscape of climate finance identifies financial flows dedicated to the climate change mitigation and adaptation in France in 2011. The study collects information about the role and weight of public and private actors, as well as the instruments and channels involved […]

  • 09/03/2020 Blog post
    Climate chapter of the French recovery plan: Off to a good start but let’s see where it lands

    The French government has just officially unveiled the content of its €100 billion recovery plan, part of which is dedicated to the fight against climate change.

  • 05/29/2011
    Will there still be a market price for CERs and ERUs in two years time?

    Medium-term (i.e. pre-2015) demand for credits from the EU ETS and secondary sources of demand appears to be limited to 1.6 billion tCO2e. The supply of Kyoto credits is relatively predictable, and will cover demand between now and 2013-2014 according to our base-case scenario. Our view is that the demand-supply equilibrium will lead to a […]

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