Infographie – calendrier réglementation financière VA

26 October 2020 - Pièces jointes
Infographie – calendrier réglementation financière VA pdf
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  • 10/21/2014
    Feedback from the New York Climate Summit: a CO2 price is necessary, but not sufficient

    New EU Energy and Climate Action Commissioner: the Miguel Arias Canete’s nomination was approved by a majority of Members of EU Parliament. EU ETS – MSR timetable: On September 23rd, the timetable was announced; deadline for amendments is 11th December 2014; ENVI committee votes on 23rd or 24th February 2015. BKM Summit: On September 23rd, […]

  • 11/28/2019
    Finance fit for Paris (3fP) – Results and scores for France

    The global community needs to transform the world economy to become low-carbon and climate resilient. This is the commitment made by the international community in the Paris Climate Agreement. However, humanity needs to find a way to finance this goal. The European Commission estimates that a funding gap of at least EUR 180bn p.a. exist […]

  • 12/18/2015
    COP21 – a successful ‘end of the beginning

    The Paris Agreement provides a clear signal and a solid framework for climate action. Balanced and ambitious in its objectives – including full decarbonization of the global economy before the end of the century – it has all the conditions to encourage everyone to do more. In establishing a new international climate change regime, the […]

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