COP… Operation towards 2015: MRV, the first stepping stone towards a new international agreement?

17 December 2013 - Carbon Trends

- Backloading and reforms of the EU ETS: on 10th December, the EU Parliament voted the backloading proposal. The vote of the Council is scheduled on 17th December. The postponement of EUA will be made in 2014 and in 2015 (not in 2013).

- 2030 climate and energy package: the EC is planning to release its White Paper, which will include 2030 targets as well as a section on structural reforms of the EU ETS, on 21st January 2014.

- Fall in EUA prices and a rise in volumes: the EUA spot price continued its fall averaging €4.53 in November (a monthly fall of 8%). Total traded volumes of carbon credits (EUA, CER  and ERU) increased by 6% in November to 748 million.

COP… Operation towards 2015: MRV, the first stepping stone towards a new international agreement? pdf
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