Carbon pricing discussions at Climate Chance

26 September 2016 - Foreword of the week

I4CE will participate in two events:

  • The High level dialogue on carbon pricing: 1 – 3 pm – Salle 300
  • Internal carbon pricing, businesses discussed their commitments (In partnership with EpE): 2 – 3.30 pm – Agora 1 – Scene 2

On this occasion, we are also releasing a note on carbon pricing that examines the growing implementation of carbon pricing instruments in the world, their economic and environmental role as well as the utilisation of carbon pricing revenues. Click here to read the note.

Additionally, in partnership with EpE, I4CE is releasing a guide book on the internal carbon price. This publication is based on the experiences of companies that are members of EpE and aims to respond to the questions which may arise for companies seeking to put a price on carbon internally. Click here to read the guide.

Below, you will find the agenda of the high level dialogue on carbon pricing

13h00 – Presentation of round table event and introduction of Panelists

13h10 – High-level speakers

Hakima EL HAITE – Moroccan Delegate Minister of Environment, Moroccan Climate Champion, in charge of the organisation of COP22

Gérard MESTRALLET – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engie

Pascal CANFIN – Head of WWF France

13h40 – Round-table and reactions from sub-national actors 

14h00 – Participative dialogue led by Pierre DUCRET and the I4CE team

14h55 – Closing remarks 


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