Op-ed on France Strategie’s platform – Thinking ‘Eco-Systemically’ to Shift the Trillions’.

11 December 2015 - Foreword of the week

On France Strategie’s platform ‘Financing the low-carbon transition’, Romain Morel and Ian Cochran provided their contribution ‘Thinking ‘Eco-Systemically’ to Shift the Trillions’. Based on their recent report ‘France’s Financial (Eco)system’, authors draw three main lessons from the French dynamics:

  • Firstly: the change of the scale necessary to achieve a low-carbon transition cannot be forced from the top-down.
  • Secondly: a successful approach builds on incremental steps allowing actors to learn over time
  • Thirdly: an ecosystem is at times a garden that must be tended to face coming challenges

Thus, the French approach is a relevant case-study to find solutions to the challenges of shifting trillions USD needed to manage the low-carbon transition


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