« Mind the gap »: aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals

- By : Charlotte VAILLES



« Mind the gap »: aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals

For a better coordination of climate and energy policies through the regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union.

On the occasion of the publication of their policy brief, I4CE and Enerdata invite you to the presentation of their analysis and conclusions.

Tuesday April 10 2018 from 8.30 to 10.30

Caisse des dépôts

56 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris

Salle Corvetto

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Context :

A policy window is currently open in Europe with the revision of the 2030 climate and energy framework. Negotiations are ongoing between EU institutions on several legislative texts, including the renewable energy directive, the energy efficiency directive and a regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union.

I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics- and Enerdata make two observations:

  1. One the one side, counterproductive interactions within the 2030 climate and energy framework undermine its effectiveness and jeopardize the achievement of climate targets. Legislative texts currently under negotiation lack the necessary provisions to mitigate these effects.
  1. On the other, the 2030 climate and energy framework falls short of the EU long-term ambition, which is itself insufficient to respect its commitment under the Paris Agreement.

Entitled « Mind the gap: aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals », the study analyses and quantifies the interactions within the energy and climate framework. The study then describes policy options to implement an ambitious and coherent policy mix, which would enable the EU to respect its commitment under the Paris Agreement.


8.30 – Welcome coffee

9.00  – Aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals


  • Benoît LEGUET, Managing Director, I4CE

Presentation of the results of the study

  • Charlotte VAILLES, Project manager, I4CE
  • Cyril CASSISA, Project manager, Enerdata
  • Emilie ALBEROLA, Head of Climate policy and market mechanisms, EcoAct

Questions & Answers

09.50 – Testimony from representatives of public ministries, and industry and energy sectors

Debate moderated by Benoît LEGUET, Managing Director, I4CE

  • Yue DONG, Project Manager EU ETS, Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, DGEC 
  • Patrick De Decker, Senior Climate Advisor, TOTAL
  • Florent LE STRAT, Expert Engineer, Climate Policy and Carbon Markets, EDF 

Questions & Answers

Please note that the event will be held in French.

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