Jean Pisani-Ferry becomes Chair of I4CE, the Institute for Climate Economics

10 February 2021 - Blog post - By : Amélie FRITZ

The Institute for Climate Economics has a new Chair: Jean Pisani-Ferry has been appointed by the Institute’s Board of Directors, and succeeds Pierre Ducret.


The Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) was set up in 2015 to promote a rigorous debate on public policy responses to climate change. Five years on, it employs some 30 people and is recognised as a reference Institute for the analysis of climate investments and the climate impact of public budgets. I4CE has developed innovative methodologies and its research has contributed in particular to greater transparency on the environmental impacts of the state budget. I4CE has also made specific proposals for a recovery plan in line with France’s climate objectives.


The Institute delivers pioneering research on the financial system’s contribution to the fight against climate change and the financing of the agricultural transition, and continues to develop in the territories and internationally. It coordinates a global network of 50 public and private financial institutions dedicated to climate change and, outside France, supports organisations that also work to drive the debate and public policies on the economy and climate. While France and the international community seek to combine economic recovery and climate protection, the expertise acquired by I4CE in recent years is more important than ever.


The Institute is a non-profit association founded by Caisse des Dépôts and Agence Française de Développement, which now sit on I4CE’s Board of Directors, alongside ADEME, Banque de France, Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc and Institut Louis Bachelier.


I4CE’s Board of Directors has appointed Jean Pisani-Ferry as Chair of the association. Jean Pisani-Ferry was previously Director of the European think tank Bruegel then France Stratégie, and his experience will enable the Institute to develop its capacity to inform the public policy debate. He succeeds Pierre Ducret, founder of I4CE, who has chaired the Institute since its creation, after developing climate economics research activities at Caisse des Dépôts then CDC Climat. It was under the impetus of Pierre Ducret that I4CE became a pioneer on emerging issues such as the transformation of the financial system to address the climate emergency.



Pierre Ducret 

“I am delighted to hand over the chairmanship of I4CE and its future supervision to Jean Pisani-Ferry. He will bring the Institute his vast experience as a renowned economist and will help this outstanding team to meet new challenges. The climate battle is not won and its economic and financial dimension is critical; the importance of an Institute that is rigorously dedicated to this challenge is now recognised, but the team knows that nothing should be taken for granted. I would like to thank all the people who have supported I4CE since its launch and have contributed to its development. Success was not a foregone conclusion. The adventure continues!”



Jean Pisani Ferry, Chair of I4CE

“Five years ago, Pierre set up I4CE. At that time, many people still saw the climate as a problem for another day. Today, climate change is central to discussions on growth, territories, inequalities, international trade and financial stability. I am very pleased to join I4CE and will strive to contribute to its development and to promulgate its research”.



Benoit Leguet, Director of I4CE

“We have known for some time that Pierre’s departure was imminent, but it is a poignant moment for the team and I to see him step down as Chair of I4CE. It is thanks to Pierre that I4CE was founded and, from a small association, has become a renowned institution. Jean will bring to I4CE his extensive experience in the world of think tanks and debates. This experience and his intellectual rigour will be key assets for our team and will enable us to grow professionally and to fully deliver on our mandate: using our economic expertise to serve the climate”.

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