Guillaume DOLQUES
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Guillaume DOLQUES

Research Fellow – Climate Change Adaptation

Guillaume joined I4CE in September 2020 to work on a tool that assess the efficiency of French financial supports of home energy efficiency retrofits. He now works to quantify investment needs to speed up the adaptation of French territory to climate change.


Before joining I4CE, Guillaume has worked for several years in the industry sector at different positions. First, as a site supervisor for the construction of passive buildings and then as a project manager of low-carbon urban mobility projects.


Guillaume is an energy and environmental engineer and holds a Master in economics of sustainable development, energy and environment from Grenoble-Alpes university.

Last contributions
  • 27/01/2023 Climate Brief

    Putting adaptation to the impacts of climate change on the French agenda of discussions between local and national authorities

    While French local authorities have important levers for adaptation, they will only be able to mobilize them if certain conditions are met at national level: the entire effort cannot rest on their initiative alone. This is what this I4CE's Climate Report shows. There is an urgent need for a discussion on adaptation between the national government and subnational authorities.
  • 03/11/2022 Climate Report

    Ensuring sufficient means to adapt to climate change consequences in France: What are the costs?

    This study is a contribution to the French public debate. It aims at supporting the acceleration and concretization of climate change adaptation initiatives in this country. The study reviews 11 adaptation challenges such as the strengthening of civil protection, the reshaping of coastal areas or the protection of water resources. For each challenge, the study presents national budgetary decisions ready to make in the next Finance Bill that would complement existing actions and cost elements to feed the required arbitrations yet to be made.  
  • 16/09/2022 Climate Report

    Buildings new heat waves: invest today to limit the bill tomorrow

    Over 35°C in exam halls during the French baccalaureate, inhabitants affected by their residences overheated… Summer 2022 has once again shown that our buildings aren’t adapted for the new heat waves. And yet every year, tens of billions of euros are invested in construction and renovation projects that don’t always take climate change into account. In this study, I4CE proposes immediate actions on three levers to initiate the process of adapting our buildings, and three more structural changes, including changes to thermal regulations.  

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