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Research Analyst – Landscape of climate finance, Prospective

Solène joined I4CE in May 2021 and works in the Economics program. Her research focuses on the investment needs to enable the ecological transition, and the financing issues of these investments. Solène also works on green budgeting, in particular the integration of social considerations into climate budget tagging assessments.


Solène is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, where she specialised in environmental sciences. She also holds a Master of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, with a specialisation in Environmental Economics and Policy.


Prior to joining I4CE, Solène worked as a research fellow on the financing of power generation projects, including the issues of cost drivers and financing mechanisms.

Last contributions
  • 19/02/2024 Climate Report

    Landscape of Climate Finance in France – Edition 2023

    I4CE's Landscape of Climate Finance is an overview of climate investments made by households, companies and public authorities. Such investments include retrofitting buildings, purchasing electric vehicles, installing renewable energy, as well as paying for rail, cycling and urban public transport infrastructure.
  • 12/05/2023 Foreword of the week

    Green industry: the game is kicking off

    Faced with international competition exacerbated by the US Inflation Reduction Act, Team Europe (and longtime team member, France) is preparing its response. The team’s tactics tackle two challenges: greening existing industrial sectors such as steel or cement, and industrialising the production of green goods, particularly those cleantechs that will make the transition a reality, such as heat pumps or electrolysers. To meet the first challenge, the French government has put 5 to 10 billion euros of public money on the table to decarbonise the most polluting production sites, in return for private investment. But has the extent of the industrial investment needs been properly assessed?
  • 11/05/2023 Climate Report

    Investments to decarbonise heavy industry in France: what, how much and when?

    Industry: relocation and decarbonisation at the heart of the debate. The recent succession of crises (health, energy, geopolitical) and increased international competition have prompted France to look for ways to strengthen its industrial and energy sovereignty. It faces this challenge in addition to the challenge of decarbonising its industry. In this context, France and Europe are developing industrial policies with two objectives – relocation and decarbonisation – and with new tools such as the France 2030 plan and the Net Zero Industry Act at the European level. These policies target both ‘historical’ industries, such as steel and cement, and new clean technologies, from solar to batteries.
  • 19/01/2022 Blog post

    Turn green budgets into green AND social budgets?

    Number of climate public policies have social impacts, and conversely. To foster the consideration of these joint climate and social effects in the development of public policies, actors are calling to turn the increasingly popular climate budget tagging exercises into climate AND social budget tagging exercises. Is it a good idea? Chloé Boutron and Solène Metayer, who attempted the exercise, are sharing their insights.

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