Framework for Climate budget assessment for cities

23 July 2021

Context :

French Local Authorities, like cities and metropolises, want to be able to identify within their budgets what contributes to the ecological transition, and to do so, they need a shared framework for analysing their budget. Such an assessment will enable them to respond to citizens’ demands for budget transparency, to better manage their budget decisions systematically through a climate prism and to more easily identify the expenditures that could be be financed by green bonds. 


To meet these demands, I4CE co-constructed with five French metropolises and cities, plus the national environmental agency (Ademe), the Association of French Mayors (AMF), EIT Climate KIC and the association of large cities (France urbaine) a climate budget assessment framework for local authorities.  This project is based on the work carried out by I4CE at the French national level and on the expertise of local authorities and partners. 


I4CE and its partners make freely available, under a Creative Commons license, a methodology for climate assessment of community budgets.    


In this methodology, you’ll find:  


Synthesis Methodological guide Mitigation appendix Adaptation appendix Biodiversity appendice


  • webinar explaining the method with feedbacks from Paris and Strasbourg that have tested the method and from Oslo that has developed its own approach of climate budgeting.   


Webinar explaining the method


Please note that this tool is not intended to make comparisons between local authorities as budgets are very different from one another: socio-economic context is specific to each territory and the differences in competencies imply different expenditures to be made.  


This common framework, built by and for communities, can be improved: it covers climate issues, when the ecological transition deals with other issues such as water resources, air pollution or biodiversity preservation. These other issues can be integrated in the methodology by experts who wish to do so. 



In 2021, the method will be developed on a regional level 

I4CE works with Local Authorities on a regional level and the association Régions de France to develop the method for regional competencies.



Partners : 

The cities and metropolises associated with the project are the metropolis of Lille, the metropolis of the Greater Lyon, the metropolis of Strasbourg, the city of Paris and the city of Lille. In addition, France Urbaine, the Association of French Mayors (AMF), Climate KIC and Ademe are also partners of the project. The budget climate assessment methodology has integrated Cit’ergie, a French label for local authorities on energy-climate-air quality management.   


The climate assessment framework for local authority budgets is transparent, public and aims to be widely shared through different networks in France, but also potentially at the European or even global level (C40). 


I4CE thanks its partners:  


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