Climate assessment of local authority budgets: methodological guide

15 March 2021 - Climate Report - By : Marion FETET / Morgane NICOL / Quentin PERRIER, PhD / Louis STROEYMEYT / Vivian DEPOUES, PhD

For local governments, it is when expenditures are debated that it is possible to question them and to channel them towards the climate transition. That’s why I4CE and its partners co-constructed a common and shared methodology to assess a local budget according climate issues. 


More information on this project is available at this link.  


This document aims to present the assessment methodology step by step made by I4CE and its partners. 


Hypothetical example representing results coming from the assessment 


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This methodological guide is made for staff and official elected that will be in charge of doing a climate assessment of the local budget. The guide is accompanied by a synthesis for elected officials and top management, by technical appendix on mitigation, a technical appendix on adaptation  of climate change. These documents are available for all local governments that want to launch a climate assessment of their budget.  


In this guide, you’ll find:  


1- Presentation of climate assessment of expenditures, its interestsand limits

A- Introduction
B- Climate assessment of budget in a few words
C- Why to analyseits budget under climate criteria?
D- Answers to frequent questions
E- A methodology built by 5 cities and metropolis and I4CE
F- The limits of a climate assessment of local budget

2- Approach: how to assess a community’s budget from a climate perspective?

A- Scope definition
B- Methodological guide on mitigation
C- Methodological guide on adaptation
D- Results and follow-up of the budget climate assessment


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