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Landscape of domestic climate finance

1 February 2017

The Landscape of climate finance is a comprehensive study of financial flows in favor of climate and the broader energy transition. Started in 2013 and focusing on France, this research project deploys an innovative methodology to collect and process publicly available data on financial flows. Results support decision making on financing instruments, the economic model of projects and the role of public and private actors.



Mapping financial flows dedicated to climate change action and the energy transition

The Climate Finance at a Glance research program identifies climate-related expenditures within a country and analyzes how these expenditures are financed. The project aims to support the development of climate policies at the national level by improving relevant knowledge to address key climate policy issues. The results provide a basis for discussion and analysis, in the service of public debate, on which to develop and implement financing strategies for the transition to a low carbon economy and resilient to climate change.



The area of research has three principal objectives:

The aim of the “France” component is to support decision making in the public debate on the financing of the energy transition within the framework established by Article 174 of the Energy transition law, in particular through the dissemination of expertise produced during a high-level restitution event.


At the European level, I4CE has worked with the European Environment Agency and other actors to advance Europe-wide discussions on improving the tracking and analysis.


Beyond Europe, the “International” component is to disseminate the Landscape’s lessons and practices and to support partner institutions in conducting similar exercises in the service of public debate and investment plans. Past projects have included work in Colombia and work is currently under development in Morocco.