I4CE and its partners make available, free of charge, to interested local authorities a methodology to evaluate local budget under the prism of climate issues. It is a transposition of Green Budgeting approaches, such as the one carried out on national French budget, to the budgets of local authorities.   For local authorities, it is particularly at the time of the arbitration on the expenditures that will actually be made that it is possible to question these expenditures and to direct them as much as possible towards the climate transition. This is why I4CE and its partners have embarked on the co-construction of a common and shared methodology to evaluate a local budget under the prism of climate issues. More information on this project and its partners is available at this link. This document aims at briefly presenting benefits for a local authority to launch a process of assessing its budget under the prism of the climate, and the approach to be set up. It is intended for elected officials, service managers and anyone wishing to quickly familiarize themselves with this tool. It is accompanied by a methodological guide, a technical appendix for the climate change mitigation component and a technical appendix for the climate change adaptation component (both also in French). These documents are available free of charge to all communities that would like to undertake a climate assessment of their budget.  TOC : - Climate budget assessment in a nutshell - Why to analyze budget through the prism of climate? - In concrete terms, what is the recommended approach? - Seizing the results - Some answers to frequently asked questions Document available in French only Please find below : Methodological Guide  Climate change mitigation Climate change adaptation