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Forest and climate: in search of local action with no regrets

Many states have set themselves the objective of becoming carbon neutral: their residual emissions will have to be offset by equivalent absorptions by carbon sinks on their territory. Julia Grimault explains the uncertainties surrounding the forest sink and calls for localized and no-regrets actions to act against climate change.


Op Ed – Banks’ capital requirements for the climate: Let’s ask the right questions

For several years now, the idea of using capital requirements for environmental purposes has been gaining ground. But before this can happen, however, several questions about such requirements need to be resolved, particularly as regards the instrument to be used and the objective to be achieved. Michel Cardona from I4CE has released this OpEd available on Euractiv


2020: climate should be everybody’s business

For too long climate change has remained confined to the green silos of our public institutions: it was onyl the business of Environment Ministries. The situation seems to have improved over the last ten years, but we are still a long way from “climate mainstreaming”. For Benoit Leguet, Director of I4CE, 2020 will offer multiple opportunities to test commitments, in France and internationally.

I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics, a think tank that provides public and private decision makers with expertise on economic and financial issues related to energy and ecological transition.

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