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Sébastien POSTIC, Phd

Project Manager – Industry, Energy and Climate

Sébastien’s research areas  mainly focused on carbon pricing and energy transition in development contexts, both in terms of climate efficiency and contribution to the fight against poverty and the reduction of inequalities. He joined I4CE after a Franco-Chilean doctoral thesis dedicated to the development of a regional energy planning tool for South America. He also worked on the evolution of the South American energy matrix in response to the commitments of the Paris Agreement (NDCs), competition between energy and forestry sectors for mitigation in South America, adaptation to climate change (electricity production under uncertain hydrological scenarios), and on the medium-long-term prospects of Smart Grids and Smart Buildings in Europe as part of the European Energy-Climate package.

Sébastien is a graduate engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique, he holds a Master’s Degree in Optimization of Energy Systems from MINES ParisTech and a double doctorate from MINES ParisTech / University of Chile.